About Origins

Origins is a collection of furnishings that range from dining and occasional tables to wall decor, sculpture, lighting and tabletop.

The essence of the Origins Collection is taking roots of long-ago felled trees and turning them into one-of-a-kind, award-winning designs. We find the beauty of nature in its rawest, most organic form and celebrate all of the imperfections. The magic comes from how each piece is selected, considered, cut and finished.

Our company founder and industry trailblazer--Mark Phillips--literally walks through the jungles of Northern Thailand with a convoy of artisans and even a decommissioned fire truck in search of colossal stumps of felled trees. They unearth the roots and power-wash the sediment out with the firetruck's hose.

The artisans then judiciously cut the roots into console and coffee tables, sculptures, live-edge dining tables and other designs. The carvers know the best way to yield the most product from each stump, much like how a diamond expert considers the best way to cut a rough stone.

The Phillips Collection
The Phillips Collection

We wanted to bring to market a collection of never-before-seen furnishings. True works of art that celebrate nature, all with a story behind it which our customers have come to expect from us. This collection is successful on many fronts. The pieces are stunning.

The story has resonance. We support local artisans in the communities we work with around the world. We bring sustainable woods to the international marketplace. We work with the Thai government to source from land they sanction when there is a required clearing for roads and other infrastructure. And when we unearth the roots in particular, we are cleaning up the land to allow for farming, schools, hospitals and other needs. Who else could take colossal roots, at times weighing over a ton, and turn them into high end furnishings?

That is our competitive advantage. We want to bring to market those items that are unusual, often never before seen, and celebrate them in their most natural state. Thus, the Origins Collection was born.

The Origins Collection launched in phases. In 1999 we started with Root Console Tables. We then added live edge dining tables in 2007. This year we can proudly say we've rounded out a full suite of products that cover every category.

We brought in a new line of sculptures carved from the roots of Mahogany trees and were awarded the Global Goodness Award given by the Las Vegas Market in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings Council--of which we are founding members. We haven't seen the end of this collection either. New designs, fun finishes and innovations will continue to push us and educate the industry and the consumer that we can celebrate nature in its purest form. What a breath of fresh air!

The Phillips Collection

The results were beyond what we could have hoped for. The Origins Collection has been a roaring success. Our customers and their clients are so thrilled to have access to such a unique offering. We have established a new market and became leaders in the live edge category over the past decades.

The Phillips Collection

Our inventory is orders of magnitude beyond our competitors and the quality of design and finish are what really makes us stand apart. We are also proud of the way we make the inventory available to our customers through our website. You are always looking at live inventory. Each table is photographed separately, given a SKU #, weighed, dimensioned and crated. We list only what we have in stock, and once it's sold, it's taken out of inventory.

This is quite breakthrough considering that this type of accuracy was what customers yearned for all these years. We have had great recognition for the products as standalone, stunning designs but also for our stewardship and dedicating to sustainability.